Ohio Constitution requires a single system of common school.
The very idea of a tax-supported system of common schools is invigorating to those that seek the public good and wish to fortify communities, the state and the nation against despotic powers. The idea of education being provided for all the children of all the people in the same classrooms, buildings, districts is reassuring to those that embrace the perfection of “one nation indivisible.”
Beginning with the Reagan administration, many public officials have worked to destroy the very institution that was created to embrace and preserve a unified body politic. Instead of working to improve the public common school system for the benefit of all the children of all the people, some public officials, being influenced by special self-serving groups, are systematically dismantling the very institution that was designed and established to preserve self-government. The best protection against despotic regimes is a high quality, thorough and efficient system of common schools throughout the nation.
The idea of funding individuals for education (vouchers) rather than the system is not only unconstitutional but is wrong-headed and doltish. It will develop a tribal society.
Someone should challenge the constitutionality of the EdChoice voucher scheme in Ohio. As a matter of fact, the lawsuit to do so in Ohio is headed to trial.
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