Chester E. Finn, Jr., one of America’s most enthusiastic and influential school choice (privatization) advocates, in a February 16 Fordham Institute Flypaper article warns against flaws in universal education savings accounts (ESA)
ESA’s, vouchers on steroids, provide public funds to parents via government-authorized savings accounts. Parents can use the tax funds for a great variety of learning services and materials. In practical terms, the government gives parents a pot of money and a debit card. Parents can use the funds for most any kind of education expenses.
The waste, fraud, and corruption in the unregulated charter school industry is appalling. Try to imagine what will happen when entrepreneurs start crafting “education learning services and materials” to collect profits from parents sorting through a smorgasbord of education stuff. The entrepreneurs will be more resourceful than hucksters at a county fair.
Mr. Frinn’s article is worth a read.
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