Vouchers for pool choice
Government jurisdictions often operate swimming pools for the benefit of the general public. The construction and operation of the pools are funded by tax revenue.
Some citizens or a select group of citizens might prefer to construct and operate a private pool, possibly in a backyard of a home or elsewhere, but use being restricted to a family or a select group. Since some of the tax money paid by these individuals is used by the government to construct and operate the “government pool” should not the “private pool individual or group” be entitled to a pool voucher? The private pool individual or group should have the right to choose. After all, it is their tax money. The individuals should be funded, not the system! Right?
Rumor has it that the “government pool” is not well maintained and that some pool users do not measure-up to the norms of the “private individual or group”; hence vouchers for pool choice are a right. Universal “pool choice” is an absolute necessity for the survival of the social order. Right!
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