A teacher posed interesting questions regarding tuition tax credits (a twin of the voucher scheme).

A teacher, whose name will not be included in this message, poses some pertinent questions. To gain a sense of his frustration, please read his entire letter.

Dear Mr. Phillis,

I have read your emails for a long time. As a teacher, I was completing my evaluation form, and I became frustrated because I knew that if I worked in a private school I would be doing none of this. Then, I thought of my kids and the numerous tests they have to take, and if they went to a private school, they would take none of these. Then, I looked at the school letter grades, and I realized that private schools do not have letter grades. Then, I went to church and heard them take mass time to talk about an education tax credit, and I also received a mailer about it, and I realized that they do not face the same scrutiny public schools face.

Of course, some politicians feel that all of these public school regulations are necessary, but are they? If these same politicians are OK with funding schools that do none of these things, how are any of these regulations even valid and necessary? Has any politician ever been asked this question: how valid are your proposals when you are OK sending tax dollars to schools that do none of them?


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