A really uninformed statement by a voucher advocate as reported in the January 24 Gongwer.

A voucher advocate said, with regard to the Senate Bill 11—the Senate’s universal voucher bill, –”The freedom this type of policy provides has the additional benefit of holding public schools accountable by allowing families to take their state education funding with them to the school of their choice.”

Holding public school accountable? Really? Public school districts are audited by the State Auditor. They are governed by elected board members. They are required to accept all students and re-enroll students when private schools kick them out. They hold public board meetings regularly. These are just a few of the scores of the ways school districts are held accountable. The privates are subject to virtually NO accountability to the public, even though they are on the public dole.

An interesting anomaly is that the uniformed, misinformed and ill-informed seem to have a lot of influence on some Ohio public officials.

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