Ohio Senate Majority and the 45 Member Opposition Caucus to House Speaker are within a Half Dozen Votes of Legislating Twin Education Evils
The universal voucher scheme and control of the state education agency by the Governor are evil fraternal twins that will sink the public common school system into a swamp filled with quicksand.
The 45 House members that constitute an anti-House Speaker coalition are allied with the Senate majority to destroy the public common school by passing a universal voucher bill and a bill to consolidate the functions of the State Board of Education with the Governor’s office.
In the waning days of 2022, a straw vote selected the Senate President’s pick for Speaker. Meanwhile, when the House met in early January, Representative Jason Stephens was elected. This, of course, rankled those who ultimately favored the Senate President’s choice for Speaker.
This gang of 45 representatives has formed to thwart the Speaker’s agenda.
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