American Legislative Exchange Council’s Assault on Public Education in 2022 is Deep and Wide.
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a legislative writing machine that churns out model legislation that is mostly contrary to the public good.
The model legislation is sent to states; hence, laws in the states whose legislature leadership is in sync with the ALEC anti-public good philosophy ends up being very similar.
ALEC legislation regarding public education is detrimental to the public common school. It is laced with a plethora of gimmicks to advance private education and privately operated education.
ALEC’s agenda for education in 2022 include such legislation as:
  • EXPANDING EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM—Translation: Promotion of any and all gimmicks that changes the flow of public tax dollars from school districts directly into private hands.
  • ALTERNATIVE CREDENTIALING—Translation: De-regulating the teacher licensing process so that almost anyone can secure a state certificate to teach.
  • EDUCATION SAVINGS ACCOUNT—Translation: Universal voucher program, which means that all education funds would flow to parents, rather than the school districts.
In Ohio, ALEC, Buckeye Institute, Fordham Institute and several other anti-public common school organizations are working toward defunding the public education system by funding students directly. What a mess!
The EdChoice voucher litigation is a roadblock to the anti-public education movement.
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