The Buckeye Institute: The Solution to Regaining the So-Called “Lost Learning” is to Fund Parents, Not School Districts.
Buckeye Institute, in a September 6, 2022 publication, concludes that parents have grown increasingly distrustful of local public schools. The historic havoc COVID-19 wreaked on school children, the publication reports, must be regained.  The answer they say is to fund students, not the common school system. The author of the report states on page 13: “Parents should be empowered with educational savings accounts to help pay for educational resources tailored to suit the needs of their children. Families should be free to choose which local public school their students attend, and school districts should be required to admit them. Existing tax credits for charitable donations should be increased to promote larger philanthropic grants and scholarships. And public school districts should be made to share their spending data with parents and taxpayers on the Ohio Checkbook to enhance transparency and accountability, and provide parents with more information as they make their schooling decisions. Families deserve these reforms as their students struggle to overcome the negative long-term effects of the pandemic protocols that cost them valuable years of learning.”
In the mind of privatizers, the answer to most societal and every education problem is privatization of public education.
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