Another School Privatization Gimmick in the State Budget: Tuition Tax Credit
Ohio was a leader in tax support for private schools prior to the advent of the voucher and charter school schemes. Now Ohio is among the top 10 states in the nation in support for vouchers, charters, and a variety of other privatization options. One option, the tuition tax credit scheme, had its humble debut in the state budget bill, HB110—only a tax credit of $750. It will be much more robust in the next state budget. The Buckeye Institute is pushing for a tax credit of $2500.
What is tuition tax credit? A person or business is authorized by law to give “x” amount of money to an agency that subsidizes student tuition to a private school. That same amount of money then will be deducted from the donor’s income tax obligation.
A clever invention by privatization zealots.
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