Leader of the Center for Christian Virtue (CCV): “On Every Corner That You See a Church, We Want to See a School as Well.”
On August 12, the Statehouse News Bureau reported on an initiative of CCV, the goal of which is, via universal vouchers, to put a school in every church. That should sound an alarm to every citizen.
CCV is one of the dominate forces behind the universal voucher bill. However, a universal voucher bill will attract a plethora of schools initiated by a great variety of sects:  religious, irreligious, satanic, secular and otherwise. Hate groups, paramilitary units, skinheads, racists, KKK, neo-Nazi groups, and flat-earth believers, etc. will find ways to form private schools to collect tax funds to advance their various ideologies.
CCV should be careful for what it wishes.
Meanwhile supporters of authentic public schools should re-double efforts to fend off the privatizers.
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