Support for the Coalition/VHO Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of the EdChoice Voucher Scheme is Growing
A major issue facing the public is how to counter the relentless assault by the privatizers on the public common school system by the privatizers. In many states, including Ohio, the privatizers are committed to a policy of funding students for education, not the system. That gimmick will destroy the public system, which is the goal of the privatizers.
In Ohio, state government is controlled by one party, which seems to have disdain for public education. (This party, in the past, was an adamant supporter of public education). A faction in the other party is also guilty of forsaking public education.
Hence, the American people, not politicians, must rescue the public common school.
Meanwhile, we must resort to the judiciary in an attempt to protect the public common school system.
Attached is an update of the current litigation effort.
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