HB583 Filled With Mischief Regarding Charter Schools
The charter school lobby has its fingerprints all over HB583, which the Governor has signed into law.
Deregulation invites fraud and corruption within the charter industry. Advocates for the charter industry promised utopian results in exchange for deregulation. Taxpayers and students lost on both counts. Charter results are mediocre at best and deregulation has corrupted the industry.
Charter advocates and their allied political officials have ignored the documented disgraceful education results and atrocious record of documented fraud and corruption in the charter industry. The policy response has been fewer standards of transparency and accountability.
HB583 is yet another blow to taxpayers and charter students. The Bill:
  • Permits charter sponsors to choose whether their overall rating for the most-recent school year will be used to qualify for state penalties or incentives
  • Forbids the Ohio Department of Education from giving an ineffective or low rating to a charter sponsor solely because it received a score of zero on one component of its sponsor evaluation
  • Permits a charter school, otherwise prohibited from seeking a new sponsor, to do so without securing approval from the Ohio Department of Education next school year
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