Voucher Hungry Private Schools May Rue the Day They Consorted With Politically Powerful Voucher Zealots to Dismantle the Public Common School System by Advancing Their Voucher Agenda
As the percentage of the state budget for vouchers grows and conversely the percentage decreases for the common school system, the taxpaying public will insist on regulating the privates. In other countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Belgium where, in the range of about 50% of the students attend private schools at public expense, private schools, both religious and secular, are highly regulated.
Private schools are established to accomplish the mission of the founders, which mission typically cannot necessarily be achieved in the public system. Most adherents of private schools have been willing to pay the price (tuition) to permit their children to experience their chosen brand of private education. The government, in turn, to a great extent, allows the privates to regulate themselves, since traditionally little or no public funds are involved; however, when public funds are increased to an excessive level, irrespective of the wishes of the voucher zealots, the public will demand public regulation of privates. This is happening in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The privatizers should carefully consider for what they are asking.
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