Toledo Joins the Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of EdChoice Vouchers
Attached is a news release regarding Toledo Public Schools joining the EdChoice voucher litigation.
JULY 5, 2022
Toledo Public Schools Join Vouchers Hurt Ohio Lawsuit
Private School Vouchers Harm Students, Families, Homeowners, Taxpayers and us all
COLUMBUS – School board members with Toledo Public Schools voted to join the Vouchers Hurt Ohio lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the harmful private school voucher scheme that is siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars from an underfunded single common public school system available to all students regardless of race, family wealth, religious beliefs, disabilities, academic or athletic skills.
“Tonight the Toledo Public Schools Board of Education joined the Vouchers Hurt Ohio Litigation. We do not take this lightly. I voted yes for several reasons. Public funds should be used for public schools. And I voted yes to help protect taxpayer dollars from private entities. You can see every penny public education spends,” said Chris Varwig, Toledo Public Schools Board Member.
“You don’t get to use your tax dollars to hire private safety & security for your household as a choice, nor should you. Same with public education. If you make a choice to send your student to a private school, you should pay for it. Taxpayer dollars are for the common good, the community as a whole. Not your individualized household choice for a private entity,” said Varwig.
“We welcome Toledo Public Schools as one of the more than 200 school districts that have come together to sue the state to stop the harmful private school voucher scheme,” said William L. Phillis, Executive Director for the Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy in School Funding.
“Each day, the private school voucher program takes taxpayer money from an underfunded public school system open to all children and rewards, refunds and rebates parents for putting their children in private schools that can discriminate based on race, religion, family income and a host of other factors,” Phillis said. “Taxpayers, elected officials, local business owners should be alarmed and angry because the public common school is the bedrock of a community.”
The Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding is working with Vouchers Hurt Ohio, a growing coalition of public school districts that have come together to sue the state over the unconstitutional and harmful private school voucher program.
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