Politicians Need to Respect the Rule of Law; Otherwise Democracy is Doomed
Whether the issue is redistricting of legislative districts or securing a thorough and efficient system of common schools, the applicable constitutional provisions must be honored. No person, regardless of political position, is above the law. In the past, office holders in this nation have been removed from office for violating the law.
Darius, the supreme ruler of the ancient Medo-Persian Empire, after having been hoodwinked by his advisors, made a decree that for 30 days everyone must worship him only. When Darius learned that the decree would be a death sentence to Daniel, his Hebrew friend and advisor, he labored all day to circumvent the decree (law). His advisors reminded him that the law must be followed, and that he did (Daniel 6).
Public office holders in this nation (and state) take an oath of office to uphold the Constitutions of Ohio and the US. Would that they would be as sedulous as King Darius, 25 centuries ago.
In Ohio, public officials have violated the Ohio Constitution by failing to secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools and have heightened their mischief by confiscating funds belonging to the public common school system to support vouchers and charters.
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