HB583, An Education Omnibus Bill Teed-Up for Passage, Continues the Legislative Norm of Expanding Eligibility and Funding Amounts for Vouchers and Further Deregulation of Charter Schools
The school privatization propensity of the legislative majority in the Ohio House and Senate continues the march toward privatization of public schools. HB583, which is on track to be enacted, is loaded with voucher expansion and charter school deregulation. They never cease the assault on public education.
What is the motivation for the relentless crusade toward the privatization of the common school? Campaign contributions? Abhorrence toward public schools? Ultimate goal of eliminating government support of public education (ie) requiring parents to support the education of their own children? Lack of understanding the nature of the public good? Embracing a philosophy that education is a mere private benefit, without regard to the symbiosis between public schools and the health of communities and the state and the nation?
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