Fund Students, Not the School System, is a Dumb Idea—Very Dumb. Additionally it Mocks the Ohio Constitution
Manifestations of the “fund students” notion are vouchers, tuition tax credits and education savings accounts. The charter school funding scheme is also a “fund students” notion. Taxes are levied and used to fund public services available to citizens. Public funding is provided to the various public systems—schools, highways, police and other safety services, prisons, parks and recreation, water and sewage, etc. These systems are operated, managed, and monitored by the public.
There is a campaign afoot throughout the nation to privatize all public services, particularly public education. HB290, pending in the Ohio Legislature would give each student a voucher to shop for education. This concept applied to other public services would provide a voucher to individuals for:
  • Police, fire and other safety services: Each individual would have a choice of public or private departments for fire and police protection.
  • Water and sewage: Each person would have a choice of public or private water and sewage systems; or drilling a well and installing private septic units.
  • Incarceration:  Each prisoner would have a choice of a public or private prison.
  • Etc.
The voucher concept for public services is asinine.
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