18 Governors, as Lackeys for the Charter School Lords, Oppose Accountability and Transparency in the Use of Federal Charter School Program (CSP) Funds
The charter school industry, which represents possibly 6 percent of the student population, has an outsized impact on education policy. The charter-industry being largely unregulated is infested with fraud, corruption, low performance and profiteering, but continues to expand. The federal Charter School Program fund of $440 million annually tosses out money willy-nilly to expand this greatly tarnished enterprise.
A study by the Network for Public Education (NPE) has documented humongous waste involved in this program. Notwithstanding the waste, Congress continued the ongoing appropriation. Therefore, the federal administration proposed rules to curb the misuse of the funds.
The charter lobby has mounted a high profile, spirited campaign against the regulations. Charter lords demand public money in escalating amounts while insisting on being deregulated.
Now 18 governors, including the Ohio governor, have cosigned a letter of opposition. Bowing at the altar of the charter gods, the governors are using the charter lobby talking points in the letter of opposition. Shameful!
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