Charter Schools Are Not Public Schools
Student “A” attends a school operated by a school district board of education elected by the community. Student “B” attends a charter school operated by a private corporation with no elected board members. Student “A” enjoys the protection of the board of education, which is accountable to the citizens of the school community. Student “B” has no public protection but is subject to the whims of a private management firm. The private management firm is NOT accountable to the public. It is in business to turn huge profits.
The only thing that is “public” about the charters is that taxpayers foot the bill for charters. Some disingenuous politicians and their devotees mouth the words, “Public money makes charters ‘public’.” If so, charters should be subject to all the laws and regulations applied to authentic public schools. Private voucher schools would also then become public schools subject to all laws and regulations applied to authentic public schools.
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