Fordham Institute’s March 28 Article—Ohio’s Bad Habit of Sidestepping Accountability—Fordham’s Wrong Again
Fordham is typically on the wrong side of most education issues. In the March 28 article, the Fordham author supports the harmful third grade guarantee, more difficult graduation requirements and state takeover of school districts. In a May 3, 2019 article, Fordham chirped on the graduation requirements and state takeover.
Fordham is a charter school sponsor and doesn’t write much about the lack of accountability in the charter school industry. Forhamites don’t call for policies that are designed to hold the charter and voucher schools accountable. They seem to ignore the ongoing fraud, corruption, profiteering, inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the charter industry. They ignore that the private voucher schools have essentially no accountability to the public regarding how the tax dollars received are spent.
The state has adopted several education policies that are harmful and should be backing away from such policies. Fordham typically supports state policies that are ineffective and harmful to students. Ohioans should hold the state accountable for bad education policy.
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