Catholic School Family Applicants Have Filed a Motion to Intervene as Defendants in the EdChoice Voucher Lawsuit
The State of Ohio is the Defendant in the Coalition’s challenge to the constitutionality of the EdChoice voucher scheme. The case was filed January 4. The Ohio Attorney General will, of course, represent the State Defendants.
On January 7, the Koch family-supported Institute for Justice filed a motion to intervene. On March 14, the Catholic School Family Applicants also filed a motion to intervene as Defendants.
It is not unusual for entities to attempt to intervene on cases of this nature. Defenders of EdChoice vouchers are short on legal arguments and long on emotional appeals, such as “a single mother who wants a religion-based education for her children will suffer.”
The issue at hand is: is the EdChoice voucher scheme constitutional? The desire of some people to have taxpayers support their private choice is not relevant.
The Ohio Constitution is on the side of the Plaintiffs.
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