It is the middle of August, traditionally vacation time.  However, the election news never stops.  There are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention.

November 2021 Elections

Yes, we have elections in Ohio every November.  The Board of Elections has certified candidates to appear on the ballot in the general election this November.  These races are non-partisan so candidates will not be identified by party on the ballot.  Some candidates will tout their party affiliation nonetheless, and some will focus on the issues confronting the offices for which they are running.  Party identification aside, there are four local candidates on the November ballot whom I commend to your attention.

Emily Mason and Jara Bonner are running for Milford Exempted Village School District Board of Education in a crowded field.  Emily has two children in the Milford schools and has been volunteering with the schools and PTA for several years.  More information about Emily is at her website:  Jara has worked for many years in the Cincinnati Public Schools since 1998.  Jara has her Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati.  I have heard both women on multiple occasions.  They are thoughtful and they listen.  They understand that giving our children a good and complete education is critical to children’s success in life, and it comes ahead of ideology.

Chad Quick is running for Union Township Trustee.  Chad is a Marine Corps veteran.  He currently manages pastoral care at Bethesda North Hospital and has been a hospice chaplain for over 15 years.  Chad has demonstrated that he is a man who cares deeply about those around him.

Union Township is an interesting race because two incumbent trustees, responsible for the current state of the township, are running for re-election.  Two other Republicans are also running: Joe Dills, who lost in last year’s Republican primary for Ohio House District 65; and a man you all know, John Becker, who managed to avoid introducing a single bill that passed into law during his eight years in the Ohio House of Representatives.  The right-wing vote is likely to be split among the four other candidates.  Chad has a real chance here.  Folks living in Union Township need to get out and vote this year.

Cheryl Richards is running for Moscow Village Council.  Cheryl has lived in Moscow for years.  She is currently a Clermont County Jury Commissioner.  I have worked with Cheryl on many different matters over that last several years.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

If you live in the Milford school district, please vote for Emily and Jara.  If you live in Union Township, please vote for Chad.  If you live in Moscow, please vote for Cheryl.  No matter where you live, these good candidates need your support.  Even if you cannot vote for them, please donate and/or volunteer.

Ohio House Bill 387

Ohio Republicans’ assault on voting continues. Recently introduced House Bill 387 would (a) eliminate ballot drop boxes entirely, (b) eliminate mail-in voting for most Ohioans, (c) cut the number of days of early in-person voting to 13 days next year and only six days in elections after 2022, and (d) limit acceptable identification for voting to a driver’s license or state-issued photo ID. One Republican state legislator, speaking in support of the bill, said, “Election Day should be Election Day. It shouldn’t be election month.” Why not? Because Republicans know that making it easier to vote means that more citizens do vote, and the more citizens vote, the less Republicans win.

HB 387 is an attempt to rig elections in Ohio by discouraging our citizens from voting.  Reach out to Jean Schmidt and Adam Bird, our state reps, and tell them to vote against HB 387.  Ensuring that we do not have free and fair elections is a top Republican priority.  Jean and Adam need to understand that what their party wants is not what their constituents want.  We will see who matters more to them: their party or the people they were elected to represent.

Take care and stay safe.