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Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Dave Yost Joins in on GOP Gerrymander

Columbus, OH — In case you missed it, while Dave Yost doesn’t have a vote on the Redistricting Commission, he couldn’t miss out on being part of the GOP gerrymander. Today, the Ohio Capital Journal reported on Yost blocking Democrats on the Redistricting Commission from seeking out their own legal representation to push back against the unconstitutional maps passed by Republicans. This move by Yost forces Democrats to be lumped in with the GOP commissioners who voted for maps that go against the wishes of Ohio voters.

By silencing Democrats’ dissent to the map, Yost is joining his fellow Republicans in their scheme to push through maps that go against redistricting reforms Ohioans overwhelmingly called for, another example of Yost putting his political interests over the needs of working Ohioans.

“It looks like the Republican Party is drafting everyone into their fight against fair maps. Dave Yost has always been a purely political actor, and this latest move is no different. If Yost believes the maps are constitutional, why is he doing everything he can to avoid defending them?” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes.

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  • The ranking Democrat in the Ohio House said Attorney General Dave Yost has blocked her from legal representation as the Ohio Supreme Court reviews the latest redistricting proposal from state lawmakers.
  • Democrats on the commission have previously been represented by their own counsel and submitted their own arguments — distinct from Republicans on the committee.
  • House Minority Leader Allison Russo, D-Columbus, said in a statement Wednesday however that Yost has since blocked them from their legal representation. This comes as a deadline looms for the state officials to respond to objections to the GOP-approved map submitted for the court’s review.
  • Through spokeswoman Maya Majikas, Russo said Yost is “denying” her “the ability to consult with her legal counsel,” two attorneys with the Ice Miller law firm in Columbus retained through the attorney general’s office.
  • Yost seemed to confirm Russo’s central claim through spokeswoman Bethany McCorkle on Wednesday evening. “The Ohio Supreme Court ordered the Commission to draw a new map, which is why one counsel will respond to the court on behalf of the entire commission,” McCorkle said. “None of the individual members will respond separately.”
  • The commission itself is represented by two lawyers. The statewide officeholders and Republicans on the commission have their own lawyers as well. Even if, as Yost said, the commission’s members don’t respond individually, it’s likely that Republicans who control it will likely shape its arguments.