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GAME ON! – 10-18-2022

Game On! The 2022 general election has begun.  Early voting started last Wednesday, October 12.  The voting will conclude at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8. My heading is, of course, misleading.  The election is NOT a game.  The choices made in this election will impact each of us for [...]

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LIES, LIARS AND LYING – 10-04-2022

Political Ads Last Friday evening, I was watching something on TV that originated from a Pennsylvania TV station.  One of the commercials which appeared during a break was an attack ad against Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate (and current Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor) John Fetterman. Mr. Fetterman is a Democrat. The ad [...]

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YARD SIGNS Nothing more clearly announces the approach of an election than the appearance of candidate yard signs. Many candidates spend significant sums having yard signs produced and many hours getting them distributed. Assessing the impact of yard signs is difficult. While it is highly doubtful that yard signs will [...]

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Clermont County Democratic Party Donkey Club Membership

The Clermont County Democratic Party strives to elect Democratic candidates and promote Democratic issues. We are committed to social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and effective government in our county and beyond. By joining the Clermont County Donkey Club you are contributing to raising awareness of our party and its core beliefs. Through meetings, forums, trainings, social events, and community service, we are strengthening our community and creating a more balanced electorate.

  • Dime A Day: $36.50
  • Couple: $60
  • Family: $100
  • Silver: $250
  • Gold: $500
  • Diamond: $1,000

If none of these levels fit your budget, please consider a monthly recurring donation of $5 or more. No donation is too small!