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In 2015 Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a revised Article XI in the Ohio Constitution that was presented to the voters as a means to prevent gerrymandering of Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate Districts.

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A Little Context It is tempting to think of Clermont County as this anomalous Republican enclave where our Party has dropped the ball. That image is particularly tempting when we compare ourselves to Hamilton County next door, which is now a Democratic County. Unfortunately, Clermont County is in Ohio’s political [...]

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Clermont County Democratic Party Donkey Club Membership

The Clermont County Democratic Party strives to elect Democratic candidates and promote Democratic issues. We are committed to social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and effective government in our county and beyond. By joining the Clermont County Donkey Club you are contributing to raising awareness of our party and its core beliefs. Through meetings, forums, trainings, social events, and community service, we are strengthening our community and creating a more balanced electorate.

  • Dime A Day: $36.50
  • Couple: $60
  • Family: $100
  • Silver: $250
  • Gold: $500
  • Diamond: $1,000

If none of these levels fit your budget, please consider a monthly recurring donation of $5 or more. No donation is too small!