Weekly Newsletter 2.13.18

Weekly Newsletter 2.13.18

Membership Matters

We have made great strides in Clermont County since 2016. How can you help keep that momentum going? Join our Donkey Club and your donation will help to amplify the Democratic voice in Clermont County. Every member of the Clermont County Democratic team is a volunteer, but the hard work is not enough. We need your donation to help local candidates, create and promote community events, and to keep our office open. Not all counties are lucky enough to have a full-time office to support its blue citizens in a sea of red.

You can opt for one of our preselected donation levels or chose your own. You can even set up a reoccurring donation. Use the secure link to donate today at ClermontDems.org .

We are proud to announce that our newly designed website is LIVE! You will be able to find the latest county news, local events, and community resources. Find out how to contact your elected officials. Meet your Precinct Captain. Discover all of your voting resources linked at one page. Our site has it all for you. Bookmark us and know we've got your back.


Interested in running for office? Learn the basics with ODP’s Main Street Training.

Training director, Sam Melendez, is holding an all-day session  in Columbus. All are geared to 2019 (local) races. Every township has at least one trustee position and the fiscal officer up for election in November. All cities, villages, etc. also have elections, plus there are school board seats up as well. If we are to change Ohio, we must start at the local level. Offering voters a choice and a voice is fundamental to democracy.

Saturday March 2

  • Statewide training for candidates in Columbus; this will last all day.

To register or ask questions, contact Sam [email protected].

Local Government Spotlight: Pierce Township

Founded in 1853, Pierce Township encompasses 23.5 square miles located in the Southwest corner of Clermont County, Ohio.  With over 14,000 residents, Pierce has been able to maintain its rural charm as it’s grown and transformed from a farming community into primarily a residential community.

You can view the township's official website HERE.

Pierce Township is governed by three elected trustees and a fiscal officer.

Bonnie Batchler, Chair of the Board

Email Mrs. Batchler by clicking here.

Nick Kelly, Vice Chair

Email Nick by clicking here.

Allen Freeman, Member

Email Allen by clicking here. 

The Board holds regularly scheduled public meetings on the second Wednesday of each month to conduct Township business. Special meetings or work sessions, which are also open to the public, are called and advertised as needed. Pierce residents, business owners, visitors and any interested persons are welcome to attend, and are encouraged to participate in, public meetings.

You can review the previous meeting minutes HERE .

Gregg Conrad is the Pierce Township representative to the Clermont County Democratic Party's Executive Committee. He can be reached at [email protected] .

Want to understand Ohio government? Want to impact your state legislators?

Attend a FREE “How Things Work at the Ohio Statehouse” training presented by current/former Statehouse staffers!

This presentation will teach you how to find your representatives, testify in committee, impact legislation, and understand policy. We will also answer any and all questions you have!

Even if you attended this presentation before, join us again - it's been updated for the 2019 legislature.

Please also join the “How Things Work at the Statehouse” Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1202571436523926/ There you can download useful documents, ask us questions, or invite us to come speak to your organization.

At The Statehouse: It's Infrastructure Week in Ohio
Last week, we learned Ohio faces a looming crisis in transportation funding. Speaking to an Advisory Committee appointed by Governor DeWine, new ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks revealed that Ohio had effectively run out of money to maintain its roads and bridges. According to ODOT, the state has maxed out its ability to borrow against future gas tax revenue and, compounding the issue, the state's 24-cent per gallon tax -- which hasn't been increased since 2005 -- only buys a fraction of what it used to, thanks to inflation.
The DeWine administration was fairly blunt in calling out the prior administration for leaving them a mess. The state estimates the shortfall in funding for maintenance, safety and major new construction is $1.5 billion per year, $500 million of which is at the local level, as cities, counties, townships and villages see their share of the gas tax decline.
This week, against the backdrop of these newly-understood funding challenges, the DeWine administration will introduce its two-year transportation budget for fiscal years 2020-2021. While Ohio law requires the passage of this spending plan for motor fuel taxes and fees by March 31, the process is certain to be more closely watched than usual this year.
The first hearing of the yet-to-be-introduced legislation has been scheduled in the House Finance committee for Wednesday at 10am (see "Week at a Glance," below). While no agenda has been made public, we expect committee members will hear from the ODOT Director, and additional hearings will be scheduled to give the public an opportunity to testify.
House Committee Assignments
On Friday, Speaker Householder released the list of committee assignments for the Ohio House. Notably, some important committee leadership jobs went to members who supported Householder's rival in the recent race for Speaker. The Senate will announce committee assignments in a press briefing tomorrow morning.
Week at a Glance
Tuesday 10 am - Press Briefing on Legislative Priorities - Senate President Obhof will reveal committee assignments and legislative priorities for the Senate majority caucus. Watch online at ohiochannel.org.
Wednesday 10 am - House Finance Committee - First hearing on the soon-to-be-introduced Transportation Budget in Statehouse Room 313 or watch online atohiochannel.org.
New Legislation
Ballot Measures - Since our email last week, we shared what we know so far about proposed new legislation from Republican State Representative Kyle Koehler to reform the process for placing constitutional amendments on the ballot, and shared it on our website. You can read our post here.
Other Legislation - As noted earlier, Senate leaders are preparing to introduce their list of "priority" bills tomorrow morning, which they have said could include proposals around regulatory reform, Lake Erie, criminal justice reform, human trafficking and abortion.
When bills are introduced, you can find and track them online at legislature.ohio.gov.

From Precinct Captain Carrie Brown:
As the Promise Leader Ambassador of Southern Ohio I would like to encourage you to join us in raising both awareness and funds for Sandy Hook Promise by participating in some easy volunteer opportunities with the 2019 Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati!! Here are 3 ways to pitch in and do your part to support the important prevention programs Sandy Hook Promise provides at no cost:
*Run or walk in any of the events of the weekend- 5K, 10K, half/full marathon, relay. Join the Sandy Hook Promise Team!! If you are interested, please email [email protected]. You don't need to be a serious runner- training support will be provided to all team members!!
*Volunteer with us!! Saturday, May 4! Come help with the "Piglet" event from 10:15- 2:00 in downtown Cinci. It will be fun and we will raise 500.00 for Sandy Hook Promise!! Please sign up here:: http://signup.com/go/aeZoLVZ.
* This one is SO easy- buy tickets for the Piggest Raffle!! Only 5.00 each and Sandy Hook Promise receives the FULL 5.00 back when you designate them as your charity of choice. You can win 5,000.00 as the 1st place prize!! Read all about it, buy tickets and please share on all social media and with friends!!  The Piggest Raffle Ever.
This is a great chance for Ohio to represent and support Sandy Hook Promise at this fun annual event! Please join in and volunteer, buy a raffle ticket and spread the word!!!
Feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected] . Thanks for your continued support!!

Drinking Liberally

February 18, 6:30 PM El Rancho Grande Eastgate, 4476 Glen Este Withamsville Rd, Cincinnati OH 45245

Clermont County Young Dems

February 21, 6:30 PM Jungle Jim's Eastgate, 4450 Eastgate S Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45245

Loveland Action Team

March 6, 6:30 PM Above Plaid Room Records, 122 W Loveland Ave, Loveland, OH 45140

Quin T

March 7, 7:30 PM Green Kayak Pub & Grill, 200 Front St., New Richmond, OH 45157

West Clermont Dems

March 11, 7:00 PM By Gollys, 714 Lila Ave, Milford, OH 45150

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