Join the Donkey Club!

Join the Donkey Club!

We worked hard in 2018 and we have to work harder in 2019 as we set the groundwork for the presidential election in 2020. There are dozens of local offices across the county up for grabs this year. Township Trustee, School Board and Village Council offices all across the county will be voted on in November. These are non-partisan races. Filling these offices will give Clermont County Democrats a chance to start building a stronger base in Clermont County government. One- party rule must end.

We do need your help to keep the momentum going.

Please join the Clermont County Donkey Club. The Donkey Club is the Clermont County Democratic Party’s major fundraising initiative. Your membership in the Donkey Club helps us pay our bills, build the Democratic Party in Clermont County, and support our candidates.

You can join online HERE! You can also set up a recurring donation if that works better for you. Whatever amount you can contribute will be appreciated. We are all Democrats working for the future of everyone in our county, our state, and our nation. We are all in this together. Membership matters.

Dannielle Browne

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